A Missing Husband; A Celebrated Hero

Billie D. Harris married Peggy just six weeks before being sent to war as a fighter pilot during WWII. During a mission in France, Peggy received word he was missing. Many more mixed signals were sent. He was alive and on his way home. He was buried. He was buried somewhere else. So what really did happen to Billie Harris? Over 60 years later, Peggy gets her answer, as she discovers her husband has been immortalized in Les Ventes for half a century.

An Abandoned Baby in the Woods

In 1955, a 14 year old boy finds an abandoned baby girl cooing in the woods. He and his grandfather rescue her and bring her to authorities, where she is eventually placed with an adoptive family. His haunting experience sticks with him, causing him to search for her for the rest of his life. 58 years later, a life-changing call brings his search to a close.