About the Ancestry Techie

Started by a genealogy enthusiast working in Silicon Valley, The Ancestry Techie aims to expand the genealogy community by offering free how-to videos and advice on researching family history.

Who is the Ancestry Techie?

The Ancestry Techie is Katie-- a creative, geeky old soul who loves genealogy. She grew up with technology and enjoys utilizing her computer skills to further her family research.

During the day, Katie works in the tech industry. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, traveling, board games, art, scrapbooking, going to the beach, and- of course- genealogy!

After coming across several genealogy enthusiasts inhibited by confusing technology, she decided to start a Youtube channel and accompanying website to educate the community. She hopes to encourage more people to engage in DNA tests and family research.

Why Genealogy?

Katie got into genealogy in hopes of identifying her grandfather's birth parents. Since the adoption was between family friends, she expected the mother would be easy to find. Instead, more mysterious circumstances were uncovered. She was hooked.

The Mystery of Mary J. McInnis